DNA Financial Systems

DNA Financial Systems is a financial software and hardware consultancy and integrator, dedicated in serving financial institutions in Asia, Pacific Rim and Middle East.

We offer consultation and technology integrated solutions for market data, FIX (Financial Information eXchange) electronic trading systems, IP PBX-based dealing turrets and recording system , Forex dealing room management systems, and corporate treasury risk management systems.

DNA Financial Systems has developed strong relationships with institutional clients from Tier 1, 2, 3 and niche players, and has built partnerships with reputable companies from around the world to provide solutions for the local and international market.

Commitment to excellence and satisfaction of the clients are our priorities: we deploy all our energy and resources to provide you the “best-of-breed” service.

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Our Industry


We demand more and more from our networks to successfully conduct our business, buy-side needs access to more tools, EMS, OMS, strategies and algorithms, and also to monitor for validation and alerts.

Liquidity and price discovery have further spurred the need for secure networks.

Propriety analytics, alerts, and market research, data that need to be transported, add to the bandwidth requirement.

Building and Connecting Communities of Buy-side and sell-side

We are passionate in connecting the Buy-side and Sell-side by offering best-in-class solutions to facilitate the straight through processing of orders from order input to back-office accounts management.

Extensive market connectivity to exchanges, alternative and dark liquidity pools, has set the stage for the growth of our connectivity business.

The Proliferation of FIX

Latency, and also the concerns for security and compliance, has propelled FIX and its adoption on a very fast track.

The Financial Information Exchange Protocol is a messaging standard to facilitate communication between trading partners and improve the global trading process and exchange of securities transactions. This protocol answers the need of the industry participant for a faster and more secured real-time electronic system.

We are happy to work with FIX solution providers, to help expand FIX connectivity globally.

Cloud Computing

The benefit in offering software, storage, and connectivity as a service, thus trying to move more and more solutions and applications into Cloud, is of course to reduce CAPEX (capital expenditures) and to make everything more scalable. This has also given rise to the need to co-locate - i.e to share bandwidth and hardware with other companies - and to outsource the management of hosting, in order for the companies to allocate more resources and times to their operational activities.

We have been instrumental in empowering our clients towards this goal in diversifying their offerings to their clients.

Algo Trading

In response to the low latency requirement, the algorithmic trading utilizes very advanced mathematical models for entering trading orders and making transaction decisions such as timing, price and quantity in the financial markets.

We can select the lowest latency connectivity and the market shaping tools to build algo trading that our clients need.

Our Mission

To be the leading financial systems, solutions and services provider in the Asia Pacific region, focusing on serving our customers according to the following criteria:

• customized financial systems, solutions and services

• comprehensive range of products

• high quality of service

Our goal is to provide indispensable information and tools that our customers can rely on, thus enabling them to effectively make critical financial choices and execute the appropriate decisions. We will continually enrich our content, our analytics, our trading and messaging capabilities and our open technology platform to ensure the highest service levels to our valued customers.

Our Strategy

DNA Financial Systems works with different partners to provide complete technically integrated solutions to its institutional clients. The solutions are tailor-made to exactly match the clients' needs and requirements.

With our profound industrial knowledge and excellent client relationships, we are committed to be a total solution provider ensuring a comprehensive suite of one-stop financial solutions.

Efficiency, Trustworthiness and Professionalism are our key words: we are driven by these values, which reflect the quality of our service.

Our Presence in Asia

Starting in Hong Kong, DNA Financial Systems has expanded its operations to main cities in Asia to ensure a good coverage of the Asia Pacific area.

The head office is located in Hong Kong with satellite offices in Taiwan (Taipei), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Singapore. This enables us to have a good representation in Asia and to respond quickly to our clients.

Apart from the regional offices, we provide managed hosting services out of MEGA-iAdvantage in Hong Kong, the largest Internet Service Centre building in the world with 350,000 sq. ft floor area.

While our local expertise and knowledge of the market enable us to understand and answer the needs of our clients locally, our international profile and recognition afford us to extend our activity all over Asia Pacific, as we follow our clients, their business and projects. Our expertise goes beyond borders.

“At AIM Software we rely on experienced partners to have closer proximity to our customers all over the world. When we started to work with DNA Financial Systems, we realized that the very professional attitude and their high commitment provides the perfect match for our leading edge data management products.”

Martin Buchberger
CEO AIM Software