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We always want to increase profitability but we are constraint by limited resources. Our products and solutions have been designed to improve your overall performance and increase your market share.

Kindly refer to the different products and solutions we provide to our clients to find the solution which will fit your requirements.

Products for Front-Office

These products are designed for the front office daily work, to help you talk to your clients, increase your efficiency & profitability, manage the workflow. All the tools required to leverage your assets and develop your business:

• Network services for the payments, telecommunications and financial markets allowing fast connectivity

• IP trading turrets to unify the front and the back office communication platform, providing all the features required by users of a dealing system

• Market data feeds and terminals, available in low-latency, for desktop terminal and mobile platforms including Blackberry, I-Phone and other smartphones

• Online trading system, featuring an extensive coverage to exchange and broker destinations and with flexible connectivity options.

Products for Back-Office

How to handle litigation, compliance, payments. These requirements are often falling behind in our priorities . However, if well-managed, they can help you minimize your expenses and saves your costs and time.

Our solutions are designed for the end-users' requirements and provide all the features to make your task easier, therefore increasing your efficiency:

• Voice recording systems: reliable call recording helps managing risks, liability and regulatory compliance

• Market data management system: INFOmatch is the leading reporting and analytical market data management system

• Wealth management software to handle your clients database and to present them in a unique solution: reports for effective CRM, investment portfolio accounting management.

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