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It's so difficult to get a new client but so easy to lose one by simply not keeping up with the service level. We are committed to help all our clients to exceed their clients expected satisfaction level, thanks to our range of services.


• Market Data Consultant: with our deep knowledge on the financial information industry, we are well-positioned to assist you in making the right decision for choosing a market data vendor.

• E-Trading Enabler

• Telecom Broker: We provide one stop service to you such that you only need to place a circuit order to us and we do all the communication with the local telco. We will follow through the installation process until the circuit is implemented.

Installation and Ongoing Support

Not only can we supply the software and hardware to our clients but we also ensure you can use the products properly. Our team of experienced engineers is available to ensure all aspects of technical support are being looked after. Located in various cities, they help you with the installation, the maintenance, the training and the problem solving:

• Project Management and Installation Coordination

• Field Service and Logistics

Specialized Services

• Data Center Management and Support: Located in the world's largest Internet Service Center, Our DCS is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Response time is within 5 minutes.

• Equipment Rental Service: DNA provides equipment rental service that is customized to your business requirement. DNA is reseller of Cisco, Juniper, HP and Oracle.

• Systems Integration: Hong Kong is the only city in Asia Pacific without GST. Contracted with Fedex for courier service at privileged rate, DNA can base in Hong Kong to provide system integration service to cover the whole Asia Pacific swiftly and cost-effectively.

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